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Whatever brings you here, you are most welcome!

Welcome to the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral!

Whatever brings you here, you are most welcome!  We are all on a journey, and we look forward to learning more about yours.  There is a place for you in this diverse, loving community.

A seat for the Bishop, a home for the Diocese, an open door for all

At the heart of our cathedral's identity is the ministry of hospitality. We are the mother church for the Diocese of Pennsylvania and host many of the Diocesan events - ordinations, renewal of vows for clergy, confirmations and more. Beyond that, we extend a warm welcome to all. We have various caring ministries to support our local community and we are a worshipping community that has room for you. Our excellent music and arts program is for the glory of God and will lift your spirit in worship.

Kids in a Wagon

A Place for All Ages

Our experienced director of Children's Ministry, Meredith Wiggins, ensures that there is a place at the cathedral for everyone - regardless of age. She runs a varied program for children and brings her experience in Godly Play, Spiritual Formation, Curricula development, Art, Children's Worship and Special Needs Inclusion to the role. Learn more about Meredith.

More about Children at the Cathedral

The Cathedral

The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral is the spiritual and liturgical home for the 131 congregations that comprise the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We draw together across parish boundaries and divisions to celebrate together Diocesan liturgies including ordinations and rites of initiation on major feast days.  It is the site of our annual Diocesan convention.

Cathedral TableThe Cathedral is also the home of a vibrant and diverse congregation who gather to offer thanks and praise to God, to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to serve the community in which we are located.  As part of our ministry to the community, we host a wide variety of events of regional interest.

The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral was designated the cathedral church of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania in 1992 by Bishop Allen Bartlett because of its large size, beauty, and location in West Philadelphia.

Previously, it had been the Church of the Saviour, built in 1855 by Samuel Sloan and then enlarged by the great Philadelphia architect Charles M. Burns.

The Cathedral interior was reordered in 2002. After discovering that the floor of the nave and the foundation were in dire need of strengthening, the pews were removed. At that time, former Dean Richard Giles advanced his vision of a reordered worship space, hearkening to the earliest cathedrals of the Church. The traditional elements found in the chancel were replaced with the Bishop’s cathedra and the presbyterium bench. Portions of the Blashfield mural were covered but remain accessible for future generations. Learn more about the history of our building.

Each component in the reordered cathedral reflects theology, teaching us about who we are and where we have come from in our Christian journey. The space articulates with clarity the basic elements of Christian liturgy, giving prominence to the four essential aspects—initiation, word, sacred meal, and Episcopal presidency.

Our space is also a wonderful setting for meetings, concerts and special events. Please review our application for building use.  If you would like to rent the space for yourself or a group, please contact us at 215-386-0234.

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Where we are

The Cathedral is located at 19 South 38th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 and our offices and mailing address are at 3717 Chestnut Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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