Music and our Choir


Our Sunday morning liturgies involve extensive congregational singing supported by a professional-core choir.  Our choir blends in with the congregation on Sunday mornings, encouraging even people who never really thought they could sing before to find the prayerful beauty of plainchant and hymns in a variety of styles. (When you turn around to someone and say, “you should be in the choir!” chances are they are already one of our singers!)

The Singers currently rehearse before and after Sunday morning 10:00 services (at 9:00 before and 11:30-12:30 after). Volunteer singers with music-reading experience are encouraged to contact Director of Music, Thomas Lloyd by email or informally after worship about joining the choir.

The Cathedral Singers also sing contemplative and celebratory anthems from the rich Anglican tradition and beyond, including the African American Spiritual and sacred jazz. Our Singers are also heard at Sunday afternoon evensongs throughout the year, during Holy Week and on liturgical Holy Days, and at diocesan ordinations and special services.


The Cathedral is blessed with one of the finest pipe organs in our region.  The restoration and augmentation of M. P. Möller opus 6425 was designed and completed by Emery Brothers, Adam Dieffenbach, President.  Built in 1936, with 3 manuals and 33 ranks, this fine organ is at the heart of this project.  It was built for and previously installed in Schwab Auditorium, Penn State University, State College, PA.

The organ restoration project began in the spring of 2018 with the award of a major grant from the Wyncote Foundation to the Cathedral as recommended by Frederick Haas and Rafael Gomez.  Inspired by this gift, further support came from members of the Cathedral community, and now this organ has been restored and enlarged.  The Cathedral now has an organ that will support a vibrant and growing music program, including choral work, organ recitals, liturgical and congregational accompaniment.  For further information about the Cathedral Organ, contact Cathedral Organist Wesley Parrott.

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Our inviting and flexible space has also inspired a number of Philadelphia-based music ensembles to regularly perform here, including groups like The Crossing, Piffaro, The Mendelssohn Club, Choral Arts Philadelphia, sometimes in elaborate multi-media productions made possible by the flexibility of our space.

Please check in with our Events page to see details of specific performances. For all the upcoming special events for the 2023-2024 season, please consult our season listing.

Information about space rental can be found in our application for building use form or by contacting the Director of Operations, Lynn Buggage.