Drawings in Light #6 - John Dowell

Color Speaks


Color Speaks

Biennial Cathedral Artists Exhibition

Won Choi, Cecilia Denegre, John Dowell, Suzanne DuPlantis, 
Virginia Maksymowicz, Deann Mills, Anne Minich, Blaise Tobia

Color Speaks, the biennial Cathedral Artists exhibition, opens October 20-21 at the annual convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Color Speaks directly through the eye to the soul with the stunning variety of imagination displayed by eight of our remarkable community of Cathedral artists.

Come view the exhibition at Sunday morning services, public concerts and events, and by appointment during business hours (call 215-386-0234 or email tlloyd@philadelphiacathedral.org)

A closing Sunday afternoon reception will be held from 2-4 pm on November 19 followed by choral Evensong from 4-5 pm with the Cathedral Singers will allow art and music to speak together.